Here are some things you should know:

• Office Hours and Gate Hours: 6 am to 6 pm every day of the year. There is a guard on duty 24 hours, however the gates are closed at dark.
• Rent Payment: Your rent is due one month after the day you move in. We do not send bills. But if you forget, after about a week we’ll send you a friendly reminder letter.
• Late Fees: If your storage rent is 28 days in arrears, there will be a late fee added to your account, and another late fee added for each 28 days your rent is in arrears.
• Returned Check Fee: is $25.
• Locks: You put your own padlock on your storage unit door. This way you are the only one with a key to open your unit. If you do not have a lock, we sell a nifty one for $10.
• Moving Out: Please let us know whenever you vacate your unit. If you move out before the end of your month, we not only return your security deposit, but also your unused rent. (However, there is a one month minimum on all rentals). When vacating, be sure to REMOVE YOUR LOCK from the door.
• Trash Removal: There are trash barrels by C, K, and N buildings. There is also a dumpster at the rear of our commercial building.
• Sales: Sorry, tenants are not permitted to have sales at their units.
• Tropical Critters: Sometimes tenants will unknowingly store things that attract bugs or rats, such as scented candles. Since you alone have a key to get into your unit, please check your unit periodically.